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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As shown in the pictures, YDTC0820-2 tunnel cleaning machine is equipped with two brushers. The right brush can effectively clean the tunnel wall and the upper brusher can thoroughly clean the tunnel ceiling when truck travelling. A large water tank is used to help achieve higher working efficiency.

Main Components of Tunnel Cleaning Machine
1) Truck
16 ton, 6×4
Max. Power: 336 hp (Euro III)
Max. Torque: 140Kg/m
Total displacement: 10,946cc
Fuel tank: 380L
Tire: 11.00-20-10PR (S)
11.00-20-10PR (D)

2) Large water tank
A large water tank, with additional detergent tank
Materials: SS41, 6t
Capacity: 9,000L
Detergent tank capacity: 200L

3) Flushing water pump
Driven by PTO from Truck transmission to jet the water at high pressure for flushing
Pressure: 15 bar
Flow rate: 400 L/min

4) Cleaning brush
Driven by hydraulic system to rise, fall and swing, the brush applies the most appropriate stress on the tunnel walls, controlled by pneumatic circuit.
The brush adopts a shield to keep away the water mist produced in the process of working.
The tunnel cleaning machine is mounted with high pressure road cleaning device to clean the road pavement.
Upper brush
Quantity: 1 group
Length: 1,800mm
Right brush
Quantity: 1 group
Length: 2,100mm
Max. cleaning height of one task: 3.9m
Max. cleaning height of upper brush: 5.5m
Max. working clearance between truck side and tunnel wall: 2.3m

5) Control Device
Operating lever of cable panel can operate high pressure watering unit, mechanical arm, cleaning brush, etc., and display the process on the screen.

6) Other Devices
Additional hose is equipped at the back end of the truck for road pavement and wall cleaning.

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